Dean's Country Market strives to be a friendly and convenient place to do all your shopping.  We are a full-service market - we bag your groceries and cart them to your vehicle free of charge!  This service is indespensable during the winter months.


You can send packages from Deans!  See our convenience store counter for details.


Get Movies at Deans!

You can rent a wide selection of DVD's from our easy-to-use Kiosk!  All rentals are only $1.99 per day!

DVD Rentals Kiosk is located near the convenience store.




Propane Tanks!                                          Off Site Catering! Vanessa Neels

Propane Tanks are available at Dean's                                      We can cater your event. 
to purchase or exchange! Ask our                                                Call us at the Deli
Friendly assistant in the                                                                   for details and pricing at 218-346-6750.
Convenience store for details

Money Orders: 

We can handle any Money Order needs, up to $999.00 per each - just visit our Customer Service counter for details.

Gift Cards

Give the Gift of Food and Fuel!  Buy a Dean's Country Market gift card today!